Curating in this world has seen many different faces in the past 10 years. Curating was only used in a physical sense in museums and exhibitions until the advent of the internet. Things could only be viewed in the physical sense until the internet so the use of the word came into question. Curating to me means any sort of conscious perusing for the sake of display. Here is an example of a blog that is for a magazine called VICE. VICE chose to use a collection of photos, that the artist who took the photos went through tons of photos to select these few. This is an example of double curation. As mentioned in the blog about curation, this may or may not be the correct use of the word, “curate,” but in the article it suggested that any press is god press.  This is an idea that I fully concur with. Some of these previously closeted words are seeing the light of day and interesting more and more people.

I use curation in my life, occasionally, to pick out things that I find interesting. Like the use of the word above, I may not be using it in the correct set of terms but I use it in the way set above. Some times I will pick through a few photos that I have taken and put them up on my flickr account. These are usually photos that I think show the most amount of artistry, beauty, and that some times contains a message. Here is a photo that I chose to upload because it really captured the feeling of my favorite ballpark. I do the same when choosing wether to upload photos to other websites as well.


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